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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  July 11, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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. this morning police are searching for whoever shot and killed a 15-year-old boy, what neighbors are saying and what the police chief is doing about a recent spike in crime. for some it will be foggy and cool and for others it will be hazy and hot, we will have the differences in the forecasted highs. and they made the decision on the same sex relationships, what it means for gay marriage ceremonies, ktvu channel 2 morning news continues.
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this is ktvu channel 2 morning news, well, good morning to you i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook. how are you steve? >> well, if you want cool weather, go that way because there is a lot of cool weather by the coast, 50s and 60s and yet inland it will be a warm toasty day. and 104 in antioch, san jose 91. pretty much getting crowded and also at the bay bridge stole plaza, this is 880 southbound and that traffic is also nice. 6:01 let's go back to the desk. in san jose, alex savage is the first reporter on the scene, he just arrived at a two- story house far that led to the evacuation of four people,
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alex? >> this was the situation for four people in san jose, all of them were home but everyone was able to make it out safely and you can see a lot of fire crews on the scene. they just called a third alarm which means they are bring it on, huge flames at 5:00 and the goal was for firefighters to keep it from spreading to homes adjacent. that was the goal for firefighters to make sure these flames did not spread. first off, how do you think this fire started? >> we have a story from the residents saying there was a pot left on the stove, and then they apparently fell back to sleep and they woke up to heavy smoke conditions in the downstairs area, one woke up to
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smoke upstairs. we had four occupants at the time. we have one being checked for minor smoke inhalation but everybody is out. >> you were calling in extra units again to make sure this fire would not spread to adjacent houses but it appears nobody has been hurt and all of them made it out safely who live in this area. one man i spoke with who lives next door, he said he had his windows open and he said the smoke detecters in his home went off because the smoke was lofting into his house. live in san jose, alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. all the fires began and
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look suspicious. the fire captain said two of the fires combined into one larger fire and one burned 40 feet away. they managed to get the fire under control at 10:30 last night and the nature of how they started is what makes the situation suspicious. >> you get three fires spread over large areas at the exact same time at night, it tends to make you wonder what happenedment he said this is a hopeless end calm and some people could be -- encampment and some people could be setting off 4th of july fireworks as well.$♪. claudine wong tells us about the crime rate in oakland, claudine wong?
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>> reporter: that's right, a very difficult morning and you can see behind me the family of this young boy who died here yesterday, one candle is sitting at the spot where this 15-year-old boy lost his life. his family said he was simply outside with a bunch of other kids when somebody ran up and started firing. the boy was taken to the hospital about a half hour later and the gunman got away and that death was the second. we just spoke to one man who said the shooting has him worried about his little brother. >> i couldn't even sleep last night. >> reporter: just thinking about it? >> just anything it honestly i couldn't sleep, just thinking about that and thinking about other stuff and stuff that does on over here, it is just crazy.
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>> reporter: that shooting happened and he said another report due out in just a few weeks will not paint a better picture. >> we are just a few weeks away from ending the second period and we had a horrible few weeks and you will not see those results until a few weeks later. >> they are trying to consolidate units and also, he is asking for the public -- public know. they want the person responsible for his death behind bars. they believe somebody knows something. we just spoke to police a few hours ago and they are searching for people on bicycles suspected of an
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overnight shooting. the two men on the bikes feared as much as 20 people. the person is listed in serious but stable condition. it is still not clear what led to that shooting. why some democrats say today's vote reminds them of the movie ground hog's day. this morning republican candidate mitt romney will appeal to american voters at the address of the the n pc. they will meet to discuss their agenda forthcoming months.
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the meeting will focus on the president's call to extend middle-class tax cuts and create jobs. well the a piss cop pal -- a episcopal decision came during the church's national convention in indianapolis. this means priests will be allowed to conduct relationships. they first allowed gay people to become previous and seven years ago they elected its first gay bishop. >> any problems, sal? we have some minor things pam and dave, traffic is getting busier around the bay area. you can see slow traffic coming through the construction zone and getting out to the willow
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pass grade. 680 is beginning to get more people on it. if you are driving out to the bay bridge toll place a. the free bay system this, northbound 280 off to a nice start with no major problems getting up to highway 17. let's go to steve. all right, sal, some of the extremes from the low temperature to the high temperatures were very impressive. they started the morning off, livermore 48, polk valley 58 and in middletown, 54, yet she topped out on the high side at 104. sonoma county airport was closer to town, 88 and it's a 5- degree spread.
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101, it was 104 and you are seeing tremendous difference between the lows and the highs. now you are saying it's not as high for most. very shallow around the coast. 50s and 60s with this warm air or just some of the higher represent vagues. 61 in livermore and 63 in the city and others are on the cool side, high pressure winds are out today but this system is dropping down out of the gulf of alaska and sweep out to oregon and bring us a significant cool down but not until friday and saturday. 70s around the bay and 80s briefly and 90s to 100 inland. it will be thick follow report
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the pay, to low 100s, walnut creek 77, pleasanton 73, 91 san jose 99 gilroy, 76 santa cruz and that's one of the warmest locations by a long-shot on the coast. 78 in the city and woodside 87 degrees. fog will be on the increase into friday and everyone cools down and with your weekend always in view it will be significantly cooler by the weekend. time now a horrible crash in the oakland hills, what happened before crews arrived at the crash scene. a gruesome alligator attack, it forced a teen to choose between his arm or his
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love wherever the road takes you. . welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, there are new details about the crash. the captain of the costa
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concordia blames himself for being distracted buts he calls it an accident in which discontinue any -- tess didn't any play -- destiny plays a role. he still faces an investigation. secretary of state hillary rodham clinton is making a trip to louse today. this is new video of secretary clinton. she is meeting with leaders and one topic, cleaning up the unexploded bombs that the u.s. dropped on louse during the vietnam war. they are moving to repeal obama's healthcare reform law but the democrats are saying this is like ground hog's day. allison? >> reporter: this is because it is the 31st time they have tried to reform all or part of
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the law and it does not stand a chance against the democratically controlled senate. it showed a cartoon mocking them for not having health insurance the biggest tax increase in history. >> now in this cartoon you will see the woman got into her car, she didn't put her seat belt on, it was a choice, right? she is now being fined but she said no, it is the biggest tax increase in history and that's what is going on here today. >> reporter: they say the law will create a bigger bureaucracy that upper fears with new patient care. >> reporter: only a handful of democrats have said they will switch sides and vote with republicans today and none of them are from the bay area.
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allison burns, ktvu channel 2 morning news. that teen is talking about the 10-foot alligator who bit off his arm. he was swimming with friends when the gator charged at him. he tried to grab the gator first and fight it off. >> i took my left hand and i grabbed that skin up underneath him and he kept going and he went and dove. that is when the alligator bit down on his arm so he pulled and that's when the gator bit his right arm off below the ale bow. he said he is thankful to be alive. firefighters managed to get a circle on the line three
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weeks after it started and destroyed nearly 350 firefighters. that is near the lake reservoir and it has burned about 840 acres and is just about 50% contained. still no word on what started that fire either. a woman is in critical condition after a horrible car crash in the oakland hills. witnesses say the woman's car plunged 100 yards down an embankment and they were able to get her out and they pulled her up the cliff. there was a tree that smashed down on that van barely missing
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the driver. >> it missed her about a foot. i thought if it would have hit her, it would have killed her. >> we still don't know how she last control of the van. >> once again, we don't have a bad commute to starting off, we do have more crowded conditions and a lot of fog sensors. 242 and highway 24 is still looking pretty good. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is about a 5 minute delay more like five minutes here and once you get on to the bridge it is a nice drive into the city. and on 237, it is a nice drive
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over to highway 101. and steve, the police activity on the mount any line has cleared up and is running as normal. we do have some very low, low clouds pie the clouds. 4 the yet as you go out towards livermore it was 101 and 102 to 104 those are huge extremes. today there is a little bit of fog, a little bit of fog. now it is not bad once the fog burns off but most locations are in the 60s and inland it will be hot and hazy and we will peek out today, we will peek out today. starting off a little bit warmer, livermore 61 so it will not take long it get her going there. 51 in sonoma county airport and that's not the case today, high
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pressure, and that lilo, we will start a cool down headed pack to the west, we top out for all. inland to 100, so big differences as 40 to 50 degrees with some of the coldest highs and some of the hottest highs and the cool air comes through and takes us right through the weekend. the u.s. trade deficit dropped almost 4% in april and experts to china rows but u.s. up creased slightly. chevy wants to get more
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, time now 6:24 santa cruz tourism agency is now doing damage control following last week's shark attack. they are telling visiters and locals shark attacks are rare. a local person had an encounter with a shark attack and made national news. a few horses were found a couple of months ago. take a look, this is what they looked like four months ago,
6:26 am
their hair fell out and you can see their bones through their coat. rita williams also made calls about this prompting the agency to go and rescue those horses. >> the condition they were in, this was not subtle, this was not minor, you don't have to be a horse person to know these animals were in distress. >> reporter: the horses have since gained 150 pounds but they still need to gain some more weight. as for the former owner, he was arrested at golden gate field and pled not guilty to animals cruelty. they are allowing construction of apartments. 2400 units can be built, some right across the harbor and last time they threatened to sue the city if they did not
6:27 am
you allow more. since 1999, the world war 2 cargo ship has been docked at the floating museum. they wanted to charge them $10,000 a month in rent citing the budget deficit. the mayor says the ship means more to the city than rent money. almost 627, let's check back in with sal, sal? at the south bay, we are starting there and it is going to be a little bit slow in some areas and also it is a nice drive to the dahly -- valley. also a crash in fremont and that may slow traffic and we will continue to watch that.
6:28 am
southbound 101 and 280 southbound that looks good. let's go back to the desk. a chaotic scene at berkeley city council. members were yelling at each other, the late night council vote that some say was illegal. what neighbors saw and meshed that alerted them to this fire. -- what neighbors saw and smelled that alerted them to this fire. ♪ ♪ ♪
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we've got to think long term. we've got to think long term. ♪ . welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, they just rang the bell and over there on the new york stock exchange, that is m-r-c-and they are celebrating their initial public offering, pipe valves and fittings, plumbing.
6:31 am
fortune 500 companies and they are going public so it is always a good indication of some optimism when they are able to take their company public today. >> all right, we will smile and say good morning on the ktvu channel 2 morning news, it is 5:30. we are following breaking news out of san jose. alex savage is the first on the scene and they are concerned for the people next door, at legs? >> reporter: one -- alex? >> reporter: one the biggest concerns is how close the other homes are and you can see fire crews are up on the second floor of this home and up on the roof where most of this fire was concentrated putting out hot spots and the fire is
6:32 am
still smoldering. this is a house on and tree why drive. crews were called in from three accept trait fire stations and the reason? they had to keep the fire from jumping next door. i spoke to one the neighbors and he said he woke up to the smell of smoke. >> we had the windows open because of the hot evening and we had all our smoke detectors wired together and our smoke detectors were going off from the fire next door. >> all of the people escaped without any serious injuries we are told. >> reporter: although one person is being checked for possible smoke inn lallation.
6:33 am
they are hoping none of them happen and they believe the fire started in the kitchen possibly food left on the stove. alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. they all began in coyote park. about a dozen acres were burned. the fire is being investigated at suspicious because they all started at the same time in the same area. they have no idea how it started but the grass is still very dry and people could be celebrating the 4th of july. the biggest fire is called the mills fire. it has already forced evac wakes of several nearby
6:34 am
evacuations. there is a concern, warmer weather could pick the situation worse. they are still battling another fire in colusa county. it has burned almost 4200 acres the cause is still under investigation. they are facing more challenges after they closed three fire stations and they are getting less help from nearby fire stations. coming up at 6:45 we will have what all of that means for our residents. it ended with protesters scheming where a sidewalk battle could end up in the courts, christian? >> reporter: the issue is the
6:35 am
sit lie ordinance and they hope that encourages commerce and business districts here along the avenue and even though the council voted to put the sit lie ordinance on the november ballot, it is unclear when they will have their see on the issue. we shot some new video and this is what they are aimed at. it ended in chaos when those opposing the measure sang and drowned out the mayor. [crowd noise] [crowd noise] [ crowd singing ] >> reporter: now the overwhelming majority of people attending opposed the measure saying it will violate the rights of people who had
6:36 am
nowhere else to go. >> this comes down to a very simple question, are we willing to hurt people over sitting in the streets. >> it doesn't stop people from being in public stations or being on the streets. >> now council members previously voted to put it on the pal lot. and protesters were drowning out the singing members we shall not be moved and they say it was invalid because they did not discuss it and he is taking legal action to try block it from appearing. we will speak with city council members to find out what the future is of the sit lie ordinance. live in berkeley, ktvu channel 2 morning news. and they are trying to put
6:37 am
a stop to a new controversial plan to stop and frisk in san francisco. that program allows police to stop and frisk people they consider suspicious. critics charge stop and frisk unfairly targets african- american americans and lat teen knows. a jury was selected for wrongful death in hayward. riser is serving 15 years to life. riser's children is taking him to court. riser is defending himself. the board of trustees met last night and went over a report that was very critical
6:38 am
of the school. the a crediting for the city school is poorly managed and can loose this accreditation. another city council is voting for bankruptcy. it has a budget shortfall of $45 million. city leaders warn they may not be able to pay workers. stockton also fired for bankruptcy in the past tense weeks. they are urging people to cut back or who are not sensitive are vowing to spend more time outside. i know you are keeping an eye on the toll plaza? yes, this is the time it
6:39 am
starts to get busy in the toll plaza, around 6:30 and you can see there was a crowd at the toll plaza yesterday and we had a stalled vehicle and today we don't have any of that and the traffic seems more normal and cycling through faster and once you get on to the bridge it looks foggy. i think the fog will be mostly along the coast. steve will be here with the forecast and conditions may be changing if you are driving a long way and if you are driving traffic looks good coming around the curb and getting up into the valley. here is steve. now that fog is a lot less coverage even though temperatures reached 100 degrees and today will be no exception, overnight lows are running 2 to 8 degrees warmer
6:40 am
yet some areas will be stuck in the 50s. 53 for a high temperature at 104 and this is very warm air and it is putting a cap right down on this fog. so it is very shallow and it will burn itself off. lows will come and lift that but today it will still be in the 60s. we will keep an eye on that, northwest and a west wind at stockton, i just think it's too fast and 70s around the bay and it is a big difference in the high temperatures and low temperatures. low clouds and temperatures
6:41 am
will drop 10 degrees on -- degrees on friday. very hazy skies inland. you will find 60s and 70s and 90s and a few low 100s and concord is in there and berkeley 75. pleasanton 100, caster valley 84, alameda 72. you don't have to go far to find 72. mainly coast bay in the city. fog will be ramped up and with your weekend always in view, it will be noticeably cooler for all. right now firefighters in ohio are letting a derailed train burn itself out and we now know what a train was carrying that led to a large explosion. and a 15-year-old boy is gunned down on his way home, i
6:42 am
just spoke to his family and we will talk about the emotional plea his family is making. southbound in the middle of the county and we will tell you about the rest of the morning commute straight ahead. demi mi
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. there we go, the break of day. all right, steve, welcome back, here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following at 6:44 police are searching for two men on bicycles suspected of an overnight shooting. they fired as many as 20 shots at a young man walking down the street. he is listed in serious but stable condition. firefighters controlled the flames before they were able to spread to nearby homes. food left on a stove may have started that fire. you are singing... [crowd noise] >> now you are looking at berkley city council members
6:46 am
screaming and they finally voted on putting a ban on sidewalks during the november valid. however some are saying it's not legal and they may file a lawsuit. they are looking for a boy and they just spoke to the boy's family and this is what they are saying. >> reporter: we are where the 15-year-old died and you can see the candle marking the spot where he lost his life. his family said they have not slept at all and all they want this morning is justice. his mom did not want to talk on camera but gave us this picture of her son. she said he was getting a bite to eat and said he was coming home but then 15 minutes later a call saying her son had been shot. family and friends said last
6:47 am
night there were a lot of people out here and it all happened at 8:00. his sister off camera told us this. >> i just want my brother to be remembered for who he was. he had such a big smile, he smoke to everybody, he never seemed to make enemies, i don't understand how somebody could kill him like that. we all know who we are. i want justice for my brother because he did not deserve to die on the ground like that alone. >> the police chief was speaking about a recent spike in crime and he will try to move more officers on the treat in the hopes of stopping the
6:48 am
recent violence. and the family said they need them to come forward and they need to do something to bring the people forward responsible. and right now an early morning explosion in columbus ohio. we have been watching this train derailment and it happened when the train derailed and burst into flames. we now know three of the cars were carrying ethenol. they are starting clean up efforts and fortunately nobody was hurt. there is a new cap on emergency assistance. back on july 1st, the east contra costa fire district is closed and they have put a cap on the number of fire engines
6:49 am
and man power they are willing to send outside of its own territory and that may lead to longer response times. well the 20 million subscribers will not be able to watch their favorite channels started today. viacom includes nickelodeonian and they had opinion talking about a new distribution agreement but did not talk about the old one before it expired. and did you see anything wrong with this building there? well coming up at 7:11 the problems they had with this library and we will have more on the high costs to fix it. they will discuss a plan to give thousands of young people free rides on muni. san francisco is already recommending approving four years and that will provide
6:50 am
free muni passes for all of the low incomes. some are concerned about the cost of the program. >> sal, is everybody behaving themselves out there? we have a new crash and it sounds as if they are moving over to the shoulder and it was reported a few minutes ago and they arrived on the scene, one car was badly damaged but they were able to move it to the shoulder. people tend to be curious about these things and you can see it outside of panola. let's did and look at the toll plaza which is packed up for a seven minute delay and once you make a turn it looks good on to the bridge going into san francisco. and the first three hours of
6:51 am
the commute 101 is still looking good into the valley. let's go to steve. some fog, yesterday it burned off inland fast and it is up and down the coast and it's raring to going, it needs more and away from the coast it will be hot and hazy, and good information up in lake downty because the fire is a lit hazy. yet we had some temperatures 53 and there were extreme differences between some of the high temperatures and some of the really high temperatures. that fog is just right down on the deck and some reduced visibility and some of what makes it over the bay will not last very long. livermore is the leader of the
6:52 am
pack. santa rosa 59 and keep an eye on that at travis, it looks like something is trying to kick up and high pressure is too strong and this low, yeah, that guy? that guy it will swing down the coast and boy it will fly in but it will not be until the weekend but by friday it will be coast and bay and we'll see the fog lifting a little bit. if you are inland it is warm to hot. 102 clear lake, although readings could go anywhere from 90 to 96. yet 2 milpitas. there is a lot of fog closer to
6:53 am
it by a mile. and then here comes the big system by friday and that cools everybody down and we will carry it right into the weekend. most loans continue to fall and credit card charges continue to rise. banks are charging an average of 19% interest on no credit or poor credit ratings and they are seeing 19% interest rates. in the last half hour almost flat for the dow jones industrial average and there is a lot of talk investors are waiting to see the release of the minutes from the last federal reserve meeting and there is also some earnings coming in as well. saying no to apple, why officials of one large bay area city say they will stop buying apple products. and they say they will stop
6:54 am
the crime for not what she allegedly did but what she did not do.
6:55 am
6:56 am
. a school principal has been charged with a crime for not reporting that a teacher may have molested a student. prosecutors said she did not report child abuse after one of
6:57 am
the parents complained that a teacher may have sexually abused a 2nd grade girl. that teacher, kraig chandler is charged with sexually abusing five students. san francisco will not be buying anymore apple products because they removed themselves from tech companies that make environmentally friendly products. it should not make a big dent but they spent 45 million on apple products last year. they took themselves off the list because the new mac book pro cannot be recycled. milky cabrera, in the first inning, the panda pablo sandoval and among those scored, he was named the most valuable player.
6:58 am
and by the way mr. perfect, matt cain beating american leak 8-0. let's check back in with sal on the commute. there is a crash at carson. watch for some slow traffic. toll plaza, that traffic will be moderate. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. 60s there 70s around the bay and inland hot and hazy and by the weekend a big cool down with mornings on 2. first on the scene just a short time ago, we will tell you what we have now learned about an early morning fire in san jose. and a big decision about gay marriage, this one coming from a u.s. church, stay right here with us. 4 great choices for $4 off the 2-4-6-8 value me
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only at denny's.